Masturbation. Your questions answered

Nov 222016

For first timers masturbation may feel a little odd, there can be feelings of guilt and shame and you may even feel like someone is watching you. There was a certain taboo surrounding the act of self pleasuring, whether they be religious or medical. However, these misconceptions are slowly disappearing and more men and even women have admitted they self indulge.

What materials are safe

Nov 102016

Silicone, glass, pyrex or stainless steel - these are all safe materials that do not leak toxic into your body, do not leave slimy residues and do not have vile odours or a gummy texture.

How Do I Prepare for anal sex

Nov 102016

I know, it sounds horrible and you can't imagine why anyone would want to visit that side but anal sex can be surprisingly and immensely enjoyable! The porn videos don't lie and yes that couple is really enjoying it… However, there is an art to it and a little preparation can go a long way, literally.

Vibrator or Dildo?

Nov 102016

What is the difference between a vibrator and a dildo?
A dildo is used for penetrating either the vagina or anal while a vibrator is usually used externally to pleasure the clitoris.

When deciding which dildo to get you will need to consider the desired length and width. A dildo resembles a penis and usually does not vibrate, however you can get dildos with a rotating shaft like XXX. If looking for a dildo for anal sex then it is recommended to get one designed with a base that doesn’t slip up too far…

Cunnilingus - The art of the clitoris

May 222015

Giving oral sex to a woman can be a complicated thing. You could be an experienced old hand with tried and tested techniques which don't work on certain women and thats because women are complicated. Their moods, emotions, and parts don't conform to any textbook appendix, but requires a touch, feel, listen and respond approach. With a partner whom you have regular sex with these patterns become easier to understand and respond to, but don't be fooled into thinking you have it perfected. Always be prepared to adjust, adapt and always listen.

Heavenly Fellatio

May 212015

Want to learn how to give great Blow Job?

Learn how to make him melt in your mouth........

There are many books, blogs and dvd's on how to give fabulous fellatio and I won't dissuade you from reading or watching, as practice makes perfect and not all routes achieve the same goal. What I aim to do today is to give some basic advice that I feel will take you on the right road to perfecting this essential task.